Welcome to My World!

First off, please excuse my background. My husband snapped this picture quickly (in the kitchen) before I headed out the door to work!

I am on an extremely tight budget. My husband and I have two toddlers, Alexa, 2 and Nathan, 3, so we really don't have much wiggle room when it comes to our budget. The idea we came up with is we each get a $300 "allowance" each month. We can do what we want with it, with no questions asked. No one needs to guess where a majority of my allowance goes! This pretty much forces me to shop lots of sales! Welcome to the world of the Penny Pinching Princess :)

Black Lace Top: Newport News - $20
Pink Tank: Old Navy (via Ebay) - $5 (w/ship.)
Pinstriped Pencil Skirt: Worthington - $18
Black Patent Leather Pumps: Nine West - $30

Estimated Cost: $73


D'Rae said...

Hubby and I do the same thing! We each get $200 a month to do what we want with. It is a great system I think.

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

It definitely keeps the arguing about the checkbook to a minimum :)