Simple Monday

I've been such a mess lately. It's a miracle if I don't hit snooze twenty times when my alarm goes off. This mornings stats: woke up 45 mins. late, and 20 mins late for work. Ugh! Needless to say, I got dressed very quickly (thank goodness I showered Sunday night)!

I usually have some idea of what I want to wear but, I think I was so into cleaning my closet yesterday that I forgot to layout my clothes for today. Oopps!

Gold Cardigan: Faded Glory - $3
Black Tee: Old Navy - $6
Black Pants: Worthington - $20
Burgundy Patent Shoes: Nine West (via eBay) - $26 (incl. ship.)
Belt: Bought it 3 yrs. ago online, can't remember where though. Sad to say this is actually my first time wearing it. I do remember it cost me $30 because I debated about spending that much on a belt. I loved all of the different colors in it and couldn't resist.

Estimated Cost: $85


V said...

I love the belt too!

LJ said...

Very nice outfit!

Hillary said...

That belt is awesome!