Early Bird Day 2

I'm starting to get the hang of getting up on time! Todays stats: up at 5:30 a.m. We'll see what time I get to work. I'll need a nap after lunch, I'm sure.

I was origanally going to wear
these shoes but I looked like a big chocolate chunk and I'm "dieting" right now. So, I went with the red shoes.

Brown Shirt Dress: Chadwick's - $7 (incl. ship.)
Embellished Cream Tank: Old Navy - $3

Leopard Scarf: via eBay - $5 (incl. ship.)

Burgundy Shoes: Nine West (via eBay) - $26

Estimated Cost: $41


LJ said...

Very nice! I get up at 5am now to get to the gym. I am still rushing around getting ready in the mornings barely getting to work on time. Where I work if we are late a total of 5 times in a three month period we are docked a days pay.

V said...

I love the scarf as a belt...I need to get on the bandwagon with that.

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Thanks guys.

LJ - Ouch! I would be without pay for a long while, LOL. My boss never fusses about tardiness and that definitely doesn't help any. LOL.

V - The belt that came with the dress is so blah, I'm sure I will used it with something else though. I love the scarf = belt look. It changes your look completely.

ohthatgirl said...

I'm up most days at 5 to hit the gym but luckily I don't have a set time to be at work. I'm sometimes the earliest one there...with others rolling in at 11, 12 even 1 in the afternoon. They don't care as long as the work gets done.

I love the shirt dress on you! I can't rock them because of my squaregirl body so I'm envy you. the scarf belt is a nice touch. :O)

Anonymous said...

pretty, pretty! Love the scarf as a belt. V. chic.

Psyche said...

Love it! The red shoes and leopard scarf are perfect accents.

Hillary said...

You looks so good in this. Love the scarf/belt. Oh and I hope you had a great zumba class. You'll have to tell me how that went.

Ally said...

Love this! If I were to be so outdoorsy to go on a safari, this is what I'd want to wear :)

Londyn said...

So pretty (& sexy!) - love it.