Fugitive on Loose, VA

There is a fugitive loose in Virginia!


Sex: F

Age: 29

Weight: Triple Digits

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown
Other Physical Characteristics: Mickey Mouse tattoo on left ankle
Crime: Excessive bargain shopping

What she was last seen wearing...
Striped Sweater: Chadwick's - $20
Black Pinstriped Skirt: Worthington - $18
Knee-High Boots: Liz Claiborne - $30
Pearls: Gifted

Estimated Cost: $68


*Lady D* said...

Very Sassy!!

ohthatgirl said...

You are hilarious. Cute outfit... stripes are very jail house chic. LOL! ;O)

Ally said...

I could NEVER pull this off but you look amazing!!

Milly said...

you're funny :D

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Thanks guys. I was so afraid to wear this shirt. It sat in my closet for a few weeks. My husband said "so, you finally wore your "new" sweater?" I think since the stripes are in a "V" shape it helps a lot :)