RMC Homecoming

I had an awesome time at my husbands 10th Randolph-Macon College Reunion. It was great to be in the company of my husband's old college friends and hearing all of the good stories from back in the day and learning about what a ham biscuit is. A ham biscuit is a ham sandwich on a small roll not necessarily a biscuit but its still called a ham biscuit, I was so confused. It's a Southern Virginia thing, I guess!

Me and Hubby hanging out at the RMC tailgate!

Now, some things didn't go as planned and I've compiled a list that will help you with your next road trip.

1. When traveling make sure you have your purse...
2. and makeup
3. and cell phone charger
4. and ID

If you miss any of these things listed, this is what happens.

1. You'll have to visit a few restaurants in the city to find one that doesn't card at the door after 9 p.m. We didn't get dinner until about 10!

2. You'll cry at the dinner table because you're so darn hungry.

3. You'll have to go to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night and pray that the cheap powder you can't sample matches your skin tone to a "t".

4. You'll have to "sneak" in the tailgaiting area in the back of an SUV.

5. You'll end up wearing sunglasses all day even in the pouring rain because you buy bright blue eyeliner instead of black. No, I didn't wear it, I just look weird without eyeliner, LOL.

Good luck with your next road trip!


canridings said...

I have forgotten my makeup before and I was in the middle of Mexico on a small ranch where there was no running water, I guess it didnt matter if I wore it or not. I was mad though.

LJ said...

Hilarious!!! Experiences like those are what great trips are made of...glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!!!

Hillary said...

wow! How funny! You and the hubby look so cute!