Casting Call

Did I tell you all I went to a casting call for the next Brady Bunch movie today? That is what the flip and the sweater vest is all about. I had to update the look just a bit though. OK, I'm totally joking! I do look like I rolled out of the 60's :)

The boots that I'm wearing were originally purchased by my co-worker but she couldn't get them zipped over her calf. In her defense, I have the smallest calves on earth and I almost didn't get them zipped! I gave them a test drive today to make sure I wouldn't pass out from excruciating pain in my calves. They were actually pretty comfy.

Pants & Boots Detail

Striped Shirt: Izod (Thrifted) - $3

Sweater Vest: Cherokee - $Can't remember but $10 tops I'm sure

Brown Herringbone Pants - Larry Levine (part of a suit) - $30

Brown Boots: Unlisted - $20

Mother of Pearl Necklace: Thrifted - $2

Brown Faux Croc Belt: New York & Company - $10

Headband (probably Target) - $3?

Estimated Cost: $78


Katie said...

Haha... ok, so I am so gullible! :-P

I was reading that, and thought to myself, "Neat! I didn't know there was a Brady Bunch movie coming out!"

Not sure why I just admitted that! LOL!


So, I love that belt! And the headband is super cute! Great outfit!


Anonymous said...

Ha, for a second you had me totally going also! You don't look 60s at all - very professional and chic!

Ally said...

You'd be the cutest Carol Brady ever!!

I have the hardest time fitting boots to my calves but mine are big - oy. I have the CUTEST Aigner boots that don't fit :((((((

V said...

I love this outfit!

Hillary said...

Ok it's good to know I'm not the only one falling for that Bardy Bunch bit. Cute outfit though. I am bound and determined to find a pair of boots to fit over my thick calves!

Erica said...

That belt makes the outfit vavoom curvy! Love it. And the Brady flip, lol. :)

John S. Wilson said...

Great outfit.