A Night On The Town

I normally don't post on the weekends because it's usually just jeans and a cardi, nothing exciting. Well, tonight is a celebration for my hubby's birthday (which was Tuesday) and we have a friend being shipped off to Iraq next week :( So, tonight it will be lots of laughs and lots of drinks! We reserved a room at the Donovan House in DC because I don't think we'll make it home tonight!

I got my bag at a 20% discount because there is a damaged portion of patent leather on the back side and my shirt was 10% less because part of the belt that ties in the back was broken (fixable but broken). Just goes to show check over everything before you buy it and don't be afraid to ask for a percentage off if there isn't another like it in the store!

Well, last night didn't run as smooth as we would have liked. We went to check into our hotel and were told they overbooked. No worries, we were sent to The Hotel George on Capital Hill and Donovan House foot the bill for our inconvenience. They also had us picked up by a limo service to take us to the restaurant where we had dinner reservations (we were originally going to walk but from the new hotel it would have been a looooong walk).

We had dinner and drinks at Urbana ,
it was swanky but still casual. There were twelve of us and I don't think anyone had complaints about the food or service. The staff was very attentive and the food was deelish. My husband had a pork chop that melted in your mouth--literally! For my app, I had calamari, it was cooked perfectly and was super crispy and for my entree, the Bianco pizza. The Bianco consisted of pecorino romano cheese, baby artichokes and picholine olives. My goodness, that was an awesome pizza! I highly recommend Urbana if you are ever in the DC area, don't forget to call me, I'll go with you :0)

We had a wonderful time and made it home safely :0)

Butterfly Shirt: Forever 21 (I'm not really as heavy as I look, it's definitely the shirt!) - $20

Black Tank: H&M - $4
Jeans: Old Navy - $30
Hat: Nine West (via DSW) - $10
Boots: Liz Claiborne - $30
Purse: DSW - $27

Estimated Cost: $121


Anonymous said...

you look so cute and ready for a fun night out!

Hillary said...

How fun! I'm glad everything worked out with the hotel and you and your hubby had a great time. About the outfit.. All I can say is...Sassy! Love the hat, love the top, love the bag!! Way to shop smart!

*Lady D* said...

Love this outfit! your shirt is gorgeous and i want your bag!!

Erica said...

You look so sassy! Glad you had a great time.

Boutique Girl said...

LOVE the bag! Very funky look for a night out! Sounds like a great weekend!