What Happened?

OK so what the heck happened outside? Wasn't it just 65 degrees in VA or was I hallucinating? It's like 50 below right now. Hubby came and had lunch with me today and we walked (like idiots) to a restaurant near my office. OMG! When I got back into the building after lunch I felt like I had been slapped in the face from the cold wind. As soon as I got home I changed into my comfy jammies and robe :) Ahhh, nice and toasty!

Hopefully all of you have a great weekend. Be safe!

Brown Blazer: Natalie Karlton (Thrifted-Still had the tags on it! Orig. $80) - $6

Pink Shirt: Mossimo - $6
Super Dark Denim: Old Navy - $30

Brown Pumps: Nine West (just one pair of my beauts from Wednesdays post) - $27
Belt: Target (don't know brand) - $3

Estimated Cost: $72


Anonymous said...

I have that same belt - I love all the colors in it and you can do so much with it! You look super cute and casual. The windchill was 9 here this morning so I totally feel your frost bitten pain!

LJ said...

I saw the same belt at Target. I however even at $3 did not get because I had no clue how I could wear it. I wish I had gotten it anyway.

*Lady D* said...

Love the refreshingly bright pink, and that belt is pretty awesome!

Mrs. M said...

Hi! I love your blog. You have great style. I've been inspired by all of these blogs and just started my own. Can I link you in my favorite blogs list? My blog is here http://affordablechic.blogspot.com/

not much yet because i just started.

Thanks! Mrs. M

Erica said...

That belt is so bright and beautiful! Also, brrr! I hate the cold, I really spend all my free time in the winter in bed with a book and six blankets.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

I love your blog!! I just found it.