Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone,

Are all of you ready for the holidays? Not I! I'm not prepared until Christmas Eve and that's only because I force myself to be.

You always hear horror stories about the holidays but I want to hear your best experience (so far) this year. Did some let you go ahead of them in line? Did you have a cashier that didn't make you feel rushed? Or did you attend the best Holiday party ever? Mine is, my husband did 95% of the shopping for our kids. Yay!

I will be back to my regularly scheduled program after the holiday. Promise.

I wish all of you a very very Happy and Peaceful Holiday!


Hillary said...

I love the craziness of the holidays! We are doing Christmas Eve with my immediate family. Christmas Day with Will's family, and Christmas night with my entire family. Lots of running around, but it's the best time of year!

Looking forward to seeing your postings at the new year! Have a great holiday!

Psyche said...

Have a wonderful holiday!