New Year's Resolution

This year, my New Year's resolution won't be to lose weight, be nice, get up 20 minutes earlier or eat healthier. This year it will be not to fall victim to an awesome sale at New York & Company. Ha ha...NOT!

I stumbled across a 30% Off online coupon code (1200, expires 1/26/09) and got a few things online.

I was honestly in need of casual tops (Ok, ok maybe not in need). I have a few but not any that I can just throw on and go grocery shopping in. So, I found this beaut. Perfect and it looks comfy...

Original Price - $19.95
Online/Sale Price - $7.99
Penny-Pinching Price - $5.50

Oh, and I picked it up in grey as well :)

Since I'm in NY & Co. every couple of weeks, I see all of the new items while they are practically still in boxes. I saw this in late summer and again I couldn't pay what they were asking. But at the "new" price, how could I resist?

Original Price - $26.95
Online/Sale Price - $5.99
Penny-Pinching Price - $4

My total savings was about $50. My total including shipping and tax ended up being $21. Woot woot!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this code! I wanted to get the grey trimmed with light lemony yellow cardi and almost ordered it the other night (I bought the lilac polka dot while at the store on Friday). I am so glad I waited because with it being on sale for $17 + 30% I just couldn't resist. I also bought a fair isle print cardi, khaki blazer with tie front, white tank (bodyshaper) and two l/s tees. I spent less than $70 on all that including tx & shipping. That's right - I got all of that for less than the original cost of the blazer. Also, I shopped through my ebates account so I will get 5% back. Do you know about ebates? If not, be sure to sign up - it is awesome!!
Thanks again for helping out a fellow NY & Co addict!

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Ha Ha! Not a problem. Those are awesome deals. NY & Co knows how to keep their addicts happy!

I had seen eBates before and thought it was a scam but now that you've confirmed it for me, I totally just signed up. Thanks! Now, I just have to remember to use it LOL.

V said...

I totally used the code on Christmas day (after I got my GC) and got a total of 19 items! Such a steal!