Family Portraits: Go Eagles!

We've been wanting to get family portraits taken since the kids were tiny babies but, the studios in our area are really expensive. I got a call from my mom earlier this week asking if my family would like to do a photo shoot. One of the newest employees at her company is also a photographer. She needed models for her website and we wouldn't have to pay for anything. WINNER!

When my husband and I discussed family portraits in the past he said, "The only way we can dress alike is if we all wear Eagles jerseys." So, we did half of the shoot in our jerseys (notice I had to jazz mine up just a bit with the pearls) and the other half in plain white shirts. We had so much fun! Our back drop was Leesylvania State Park in VA, how cool! I'll be sure to post the pics when we get them back!

Eagles Jersey: Some shop in Cherryhill, NJ - $50
Trouser Jeans: Gap (via Ebay) - $20
Black Booties: Liz Claiborne - $30
Faux Pearls: $Gifted

Estimated Cost: $100


workthatwardrobe said...

A great blog you have here.

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Thanks workthatwardrobe! I still have some work to do but, I think I'll have it down soon :)

ohthatgirl said...

My husband would lurve to take family pictures with everyone sporting his beloved Dallas Cowboy. Oh, nos! Did I just say Dallas Cowboys while you are sporting an Eagles jersey? The horror! LOL!

I applaud you for making the sitaution win-win for everybody...it wouldn't have went down like that in my house. LOL!