Welcome Aboard Penny-Pinching Airlines

Today, I felt like I should be walking up and down a narrow aisle serving peanuts and ice cold beverages in the "friendly" skies! I actually love the menswear look. While I felt like a stewardess, I felt powerful at the same time with the red tie and shoes.

Black Fitted Vest: New York & Company - $25

White Shirt: Gap - $14

Red & Black Tie: $Borrowed from Hubby :)

Pinstriped Skirt: Worthington - $17

Red Shoes: Nine West - $20

Estimated Cost: $76


The P-P Prince? said...

I actually thought you were pretty smokin' yesterday. If my flight attendants looked this good, I'd fly more often.

I like that you've had those shoes as long as I've known you -- they've survived all the goodwill-bound purges -- and you still made them look good.

ohthatgirl said...

Love this outfit! It does have the feel of a flight attendant but not in a costume-y way at all.