Pearls Are This Girl's Bestfriend

I absolutely love pearls! They are just so femme.The necklace that I wore today is my favorite and these are my only two pearls that are actually real. LOL!

The way that I obtained this necklace is pretty cool. My mom invited me to a pearl party. What in the heck is a pearl party? This is how it works.
Vantel Pearls brings real oysters to your home, office or organization. Each oyster is guaranteed to have at least one white, pink, blue or BLACK Pearl. You choose your oyster, the Demonstrator will open it, find your pearl, appraise it and offer you a wide variety of jewelry settings. It is so addictive. I wanted to crack open all of the oysters just to see what was inside! If you've never been to a pearl party, you should. It's tons of fun.

Can you tell a real pearl from a fake? With diamonds you have to use that magnifying thingy. With pearls you can use your teeth. No, seriously! When you rub a real pearl across your teeth it will be rough/gritty, with a synthetic it will be smooth. Pretty cool huh?

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