Double Trouble

My great girlfriend and co-worker, Airica, was so excited to show me her fab new scarf she bought last week, that she brought it into the office. She pulled it out of the bag and I said, "Hey, I have that!" We laughed hysterically because lately we have been finishing each others sentences and saying the same exact thing at the same time! It's very bizarre. It was no biggie that we both now owned the same scarf, it just meant that we would have to coordinate when the scarf would be worn.

When I was getting dressed this morning, I thought, "I should give Airica a call and tell her not to wear the scarf today." I quickly changed my mind thinking, what are the odds of us both wearing the scarf today? Darn it, I should start playing the lotto! Not only did Airica wear the scarf but, we both had the same color top on and brought the same lunch. Wow!

Pink cardigan: Josephine Chaus - $?? (couldn't have been more than $20)

White top: Old Navy - $7
Scarf: New York & Company - $5
Gold Belt: Dear - $8
Grey plaid skirt: Worthington - $10
se shoes: Gianni Bini - $15

Estimated Cost: $65

1 comment:

Bethany said...

5 dollars for that scarf?! Consider me jealous!!! It's awesome!