Suspenders Are Hard Work

It took me quite a while to figure out how I would be able to wear my suspenders since every black skirt I own has the zipper in the back. The suspender clamp wasn't large enough to hold fabric and a zipper. After fiddling around for about ten minutes, I finally figured it out. Since my zipper is hidden, I was able to zip my skirt to the suspender clamp and the clamp held the top of my skirt closed. Geez, how many Penny-Pinching Princesses does it take to put on a set of suspenders? I'll blame it on being exhausted for the past few days!

White Ruffle Shirt: Old Navy - $20

Leopard Print Suspenders: Luxury Diva - $10

Black Skirt: H&M - $9

Patent Peep Toes: Nine West - $10

Estimated Cost: $49

1 comment:

Psyche said...

You are rocking the suspenders!!