Airhead Anonymous, Here I Come

When I get home from work, my favorite thing to do is change into comfy sweats and a t-shirt. When I finally made it home through the blistery winds in VA, I did my normal ritual. As I was getting ready to download my daily photo onto my blog, I realized that I didn't have time to take a pic this morning. What makes it a tad worse is, I reminded myself to take it as soon as I got home all day! Since I feel really bad about not posting yesterday, I got re-dressed for todays post. I'll try harder tomorrow :O)

Kimono Blazer: New York & Company - $35
Purplish Sweater: Worthington - $9
Black Cuffed Pants: New York & Company - $35
Black Pumps: Nine West - $40
Pearls: $Gifted

Estimated Cost: $119


*Lady D* said...

Lol. i did that on sunday. I was so tired, that i got home from church and took my clothes off w/ taking a pic. it happens to the best of us. and i really like that jacket btw.Very Cute!

V said...

I totally did that today too! I just opted to not post since I didn't like my outfit that much anyway. Love the outfit on you...the jacket is so cute!

Angie said...

That is dedication! Re-dress in corporate clothes from sweats just for us. I feel so special!! LOL
Love the blazer!!

Boutique Girl said...

Wow dedication! When I am home and in yoga pants or pj's there is no getting me back into "work clothes".

Anonymous said...

You are better than me! I hop into my comfies as soon as I get home - that is why if I don't get a picture snapped in the morning I just don't post one.
I love this blazer (he, he - I have it too!).

Hillary said...

glad you stillposted. Loved the sweater.

Milly said...

you got dressed again??..wow..thats such dedication!....i like that blazer
Oh,..and i do the same...comfy sweats once i get home :)