Suited Up With a New Toy

I'm really excited! I finally got the Blackberry I've been wanting for months. My last phone, which was a pocket PC, totally died on me a few months ago. The touch screen went out, so it was totally useless. I've been lost without my daily calendar at hand and I cringe at the thought of using a day planner. Since I'm frugal (LOL) I bought a Blackberry on eBay. It took the seller a week to ship it and it died within 24 hours. That was the worst eBay experience out of hundreds!

I was having lunch with one of my girlfriends last week and she had the phone I wanted. She told me her husband had one also and was in the process of upgrading to something else. His new phone arrived yesterday and GAVE me his Blackberry which is in superb shape. They're the greatest!

Herringbone Suite: Larry Levine - $70
Cashmere Sweater: Lord & Taylor (Thrifted) - $3
Red Shoes: Nine West - $26
Scarf: Target - $5

Estimated Cost: $104


Ally said...

Ooh! I love everything about this.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, classy lady ~ lookin' good. Great deal with the B-berry! I love mine!