City Girl in a Country World!

I've been feeling a lot like ohthatgirl, when it comes to my wardrobe. The lack of a constant temperature is a bummer! Can it just be cold already? Ive packed up most of my summer stuff because it’s been in the high 60’s or low 70’s the past few weeks, today…80. What the h-e-double hockey stick? Yesterday light sweater and today a friggin’ bikini. Mother Nature, can you please just make up your mind?

I've been in need of a little relaxing, so this weekend I headed to Cortland, New York to cover a D3 college football game with my husband. It was awesome to be kid-free and the ride through Pennsylvania was soooo beautiful! At least other parts of the country know that it's Fall! Since the car was moving while we were snapping pictures, they aren't the greatest but, you get the point :O)

And a couple of things that made us chuckle!

"Where the lighting is poor and the service is worse!"
Hey, at least they're honest!

Country Folks Diner

This restaurant was in the center of a town that was about 1 mile long, had one traffic light that flashed red and yellow, and a set of train tracks. I'm so sad that us "City Folk" didn't get a chance to stop by and try the fare, I'm sure it is deelish!

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