The Great Debate

I debated on whether I would post Friday's outfit or not. As I said in my early post, I'm not feeling anything in my closet right now. Well, I decided I would let you guys be the judge!

Kimono Top: New York & Company - $14
Pants: George - $10
Shoes: Nine West - $40
Snecklace = Scarf as Necklace: Rouche - $13

Estimated Cost: $77

I will be M.I.A all of next week (except Tues). The conference that I spoke of in an earlier post is on Thursday. We are expecting to have 400 REALTORS and 60 vendors attend and our staff consists of 8 people...not joking. I'm supposed to be off tomorrow but, will be working to tie up any loose ends for Thursday. To give you an idea of how boring my posts would be this week, this is what I'll be wearing...

Monday - Jeans and T
Wednesday - Setting up until 12 or 1 a.m. at venue, Jeans & T
Thursday - Day of the big event, arriving at 5 a.m., running on adrenaline all day - Jeans and Black Company Logo Polo
Friday - Taking the day off - Jammies...ALL DAY!


LJ said...

I really like your outfit! I feel the same way you and ohthatgirl feel as well.

Erica said...

Good luck with everything this week! And I love the kimono top...it looks so versatile and comfortable.

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Thanks guys :O)

*Lady D* said...

I'm digging the Kimono top, and your scarf! By the way, i nominated you, for the "I love Your Blog" Award!