Gray-t Day*

Was it just me or did today drag on and on and on...? I did get a ton of stuff finished at work today. I still have a presentation to prep for next week, a brochure to complete and a few other little things. I think my plate may finally be empty by week end. Whew!

Black 3/4 Sleeve Shirt: Merona - $7
Gray Comfy, Warm Sweater: Liz Lange Maternity (and no I'm not pregnant :O)) - $7
Black Too Long Pinstriped Pants: New York & Company - $26
Patent Belt: New York & Company - $9
Shoes: Nine West - $15

Estimated Cost: $64

*I couldn't come up with a catchy title so, today's title brought to you by Mr. Penny Pincher :O)


Psyche said...

Love the look! I've been wanting a sweater like this one for quite sometime.

I'd also like to add a very special blog award (Savvy Shopper Award) to your collection. It was created by Budget Chic to recognize savvy budget shoppers. So, I immediately thought of you. Check out budget chic's blog for the award's origin.

Hillary said...

I love this look.

*Lady D* said...

I'm liking this look a lot!!
I want a gray sweater like that but can't find any i like in the stores around me.

Anonymous said...

okay thanks!! i got this type of sweater off a clearance rack at target, had no idea what to do w/ it but for 4 bucks.. couldn't leave it.. thanks.. for the look.. i can see it now with a skirt, trousers w/ a belt to cinch it in some ... awesome

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

I love this fit...sooo cute♥