If pink could breathe and were a man, I probably would be married to it by now! It is one of my many favorite colors and I was happy that it was finally chilly enough to wear my new blazer.

With fall coming and it getting dark earlier, leaves filling my yard and gusts of wind that can lift a 300 pound man off his feet, I felt refreshed with all of my pink on today :O) Whoever says bright colors are only for spring and summer...poo on you! You'll see me "bright" year round.

Pink Blazer: New York and Company - $30
Black Lace Top: Newport News - $20
Black Cuffed Pants: New York and Company - $25
Pink Shoes: Nine West - $13

Estimated Cost: $88


Hillary said...

So cute. I love the ruffled lace top peeking out of the jacket. Ab Fab in pink!

Boutique Girl said...

I have given you an Honest blog award!

Erica said...

Great blazer!! And I agree about the brights--I just stick some tights under my summer dresses and skirts and keep it bright all year long. :)