So I guess this is gray and magenta week. I didn't even realize that I wore the same colors as yesterday, until someone mentioned it to me.

My mind was on everything except work today! I actually took a "mental" break to clean our copier room! What was I smoking??? Well, at least it looks nice now, LOL.

Gray Blazer: Love Tease (via Fifteen Dollar Store) - $15
Magenta Shirt: Merona - $7
Cream Tank: a.n.a. - $Can't remember
Brown Cuffed SLACKS (that's for Kimberly :)): New York & Company - $Gifted
Earrings: New York & Company - $4
Brown Croc Belt: New York & Company - $10
Shoes: Nine West - $15

Estimated Cost: $51


Anonymous said...

Those slacks are wonderful! :-) I love all of the layering that you have going on.

Ally said...

I clean crazy stuff too when I need a mental break at work. I even don't get mad when it gets messed up b/c then I can clean it again!

I love the gray/magenta on you too - so pretty.

ohthatgirl said...

Full body shots! Whoot! Love. I really like the slacks and the colors. ;O)

Hillary said...

I love this outfit and the jacket is too cute!

*Lady D* said...

Yay!! We get to see your head! lol. This is a really great outfit!

Erica said...

Great outfit! I love all your belts.

Katie said...

Oooo! I love your blog - you sound just like me! I can tear up a clearance rack! Love your style! My blog is kinda like yours!