My True Love...Red Pumps

If you've followed my blog even for a couple of weeks, you will realize that I wear red shoes A LOT! There is just something striking about a pair of red shoes. Maybe they just make me feel..Ooh La La/Sexy! I read up on the color red and found out, red suggests confidence and even a dash of danger. I'm definitely much more confident than I was five years ago, thanks to my husband and Danger is my middle name :O) If I could wear red shoes everyday, I would.

Because I tried to be fancy schmancy and use the enhance option in iPhoto, I kind of ruined todays picture. Ah, well. It'll do.

Have a fabulous fashionable weekend!

Gray jacket: Kenar - $20

Black Dress: Atelier (Thrifted) - $5
Snake Print Belt: New York & Company - $14
Black Tights: George - $5
Red Shoes: Nine West - $26

Estimated Cost: $70


Hillary said...

I agree! I love the red heels. I have about 5 pairs myself :-)

Boutique Girl said...

I have never managed to find a great pair of red heels!!

Great look!

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Boutique Girl, we'll just have to start looking for the perfect pair for you, LOL!

Milly said...

Love the belt and the shoes....I need red pumps too :)

Jen said...

I totally agree with you about red shoes! No matter what else I'm wearing, if I have on red shoes everyone tells me all day that I look fabulous. Maybe that's why I've bought 5 pairs of red shoes so far this year!!!