All Mixed Up

Have you ever thought you were on crunch time to prepare for a meeting, and come to find out you put the date wrong in your calendar, and you really have two more days of prep? Yeah, that was me this morning. I thought I had a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, but when I got there no one was in the office. I'm in my car thinking WTF?

Since I was so focused on prepping for the meeting, I didn't realize that I never received my reminder email and agenda that I usually get the day prior. I guess it's safe to assume they will arrive tomorrow since my real meeting is Thursday!

White Ruffled Shirt: Old Navy - $15

Black Cuffed Pants: New York & Company - $25
Pink Obi Belt: HSN - $10
Scarf: Target - $5
Black Pumps: Nine West: $40

Total Estimated Cost: $95