Golden Girl

Today was a pretty good day. Just really busy, but busy is good, right? So busy that I don't have anything interesting to put here. LOL. Maybe I'll have some juice tomorrow.

Below is the latest promo that was emailed from Chadwick's. I think this sweater is pretty darn cute!

Mustard Blazer: New York & Company - $40
Grey & Teal Pinstriped Pants: New York & Company - $18
Burgundy Patent Boots: Worthington - $40
Scarf as belt: Target - $5

Total Estimated Cost: $103


Anonymous said...

My NY & Co Pal - I totally wanted to get this blazer, but they were out of it in my size when I ordered some things!

The peek of scarf is totally cute.

Also, not to egg you on or anything, but the Chadwick's sweater would be totally cute on you!

SHOEGAL said...

Love the jacket!

Milly said...

love the blazer..such a beautiful color...i need something in that color now

Hillary said...

I love the mustard yellow! And yes, the sweater is very cute!

Legal Editor Mom said...

I'm very much into short, cute jackets now, and I really like the shape and color of this one. The whole outfit looks nice.

Erica said...

Agreed, very cute sweater! You should totally buy it. ;) Also, I love that mustard color on you!