The Girl's Got It!

My daughter was home sick today with my husband. I got this photo-sorry for the quality, it was taken with a mobile phone-at work and the message said: "She put 100% of this outfit together herself."

Love it!

Velvet Flower Shirt w/Ruffles: The Children's Place - $5

Red Velvet Ruffled Pants: the Children's Place - $5
Scarf: New York & Company - $5
Belt: New York & Company - $16
Black Flip-Flops: Puma - $10

Estimated Cost: $41



Anonymous said...

So cute! And I see she is a bargain shopper like her mama! Ha! :-)

LJ said...

Adorable! Let's start early to love a bargin... Beautiful Little Diva in training :-D

Hillary said...

Oh too cute! She'll be blogging her daily outfits in no time!

Ally said...

OMG she's so cute!!! Totally made my day!

Boutique Girl said...


Katie said...

Aww! Look at that girl workin' the "runway" :-) She's such a pretty little diva! :-)


Milly said...

how adorable!

Erica said...

So cute and sassy! She got her mom's eye for color and style. ;)