Almost Didn't Make the Cut

This will be quick, American Idol is on a commercial break :)

My husband loved today's outfit, I hate it. I feel and look, uh, BLOATED (maybe it's all of the peach flavored soda I had over the weekend)! I debated for about 20 minutes whether I was posting this pic. Hubby said that it's a great outfit and should definitely be posted. Maybe next time I wear it, I'll be less "full". LOL.

Hubby-Thank you for looking at the outfit and not the bloat ;) Love you!

Teal Shirt: New York & Company - $20
Green & Cream Skirt w/Lace Trim - Excess (?) - $5 (via Ebay)
Scarf: New York & Company - $5
Belt: New York & Company - $16
Tights: George - $5
Black Pumps: Nine West - $40

Total Estimated Cost: $91


TeeThymeDiva said...

Man, your scarf collection is NICE. I like using them, too to give an outfit that little extra something.

V said...

Very cute outfit...I love it!

Hillary said...

We were somewhat twinkies today...blue tops, trumpet skirts, wide belts,and black tights. I do agree with your hubby though. I don't think yo looks bloated. I think you pulled your look off nicely.

Erica said...

I love that skirt! Especially the little lace scallops. My boyfriend is always very honest about whether or not he likes my outfit...sometimes too honest, ha!

Boutique Girl said...

great colours on you!!

Legal Editor Mom said...

I love the skirt and the colors of this outfit. Cute!

LJ said...

Beautiful outfit! Love the colors. You look girl!!!!

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Thanks y'all!