Has It Really Been That Long?

OMG, how time flies! I didn't realize it had been six weeks since my last post. Geez. As you can probably tell I've been extremely busy with work, home, kids, and I'm back to going to the gym 3-4 days a week, hitting up the Zumba classes. I gained 15 pounds in a few months, and I had to do something. How can you blog, with photos, when your clothes don't fit? Uh, you don't. LOL.

Don't let me fool you, I have been keeping up with my bargain shopping though. I won a $150 gift card to a store of my choice through work, my choice was New York & Company of course. I went this past weekend and got all of this...

2 pairs of cuffed capris
2 pairs of yoga capris
3 tanks
2 3/4 length sleeve shirts
1 cardigan
1 ring
1 bracelet

Grand Total: $122.26
I Saved: $126.12 Isn't it great when you save more than you pay? Love.

I still have $27 to work with. But, might I add I'm not too crazy about their new spring collection. I only though a couple of things were extremely cute, when other times I would stalk an item until it went on sale. Believe it or not, it was hard for me to spend $150. :Bummed:


Boutique Girl said...

Glad you back and blogging!

V said...

Was wondering where you were, lady! Hope that you will be back very soon!

Ally said...

Aww yay! I've missed you so much :)

I don't like the spring line for NY&Co that much either, but I'm sure if I go in, I'll find something I JUST HAVE TO HAVE.

Anonymous said...

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lorrwill said...

Hey! Are you still alive? Miss your posts.

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donna said...