Introducing "Sasha"

Sasha is the project that I worked on for the Grand Opening of our new facility. We borrowed Sasha from the local Macy's to showcase the new shirts we had in our REALTOR Store. She came to us naked, and with no head. I got a call from one of my co-workers and she let me know that Sasha needed some help. Needless to say, Sasha has borrowed a few pieces from my wardrobe.

It was pretty funny, because quite a few of our members came in and they said, "April did a great job dressing her." A co-worker finally asked one member, "How did you know April dressed her?" She replied, "The belt gave it away. April wears a belt with everything!" I guess I can now add mannequin dressing to my resume.

Navy REALTOR polo shirt: via National Association of REALTORS - $28
Floral Scarf: Old Navy - $10
Pearls: Gifted
Grey Plaid Skirt: Worthington - $10
Patent Black Belt: New York & Company - $12
Rhinestone Watch: New York & Company - $15
Shoes: She's bare foot! Her feet were too big to borrow a pair of mine.

Total Estimated Cost: $75