Yesterday was all a blur. I had several meetings at work, it was the first day of Daddy Daycare (We pulled our kids out of daycare to be with my husband this summer. We work opposite schedules, so it's a perfect way for us to save some money!) and it was also Pilates night. I rushed around all day long! So much so that I forgot to take my picture. I got a little creative and just put everything back together on my bed, after the gym I had no energy to put it back on, get the tripod out, etc.

3/4 Sleeve Coral Jacket - Morona: $8
Floral Skirt - Notations, Thrifted: $6
Cream Tank - Tommy Hilfiger, Thrifted: $5
Patent Belt - New York & Company: $12
Peep Toe Heels - Ann Taylor, Thrifted: $9
Pearls - Gifted

Total Estimated Cost: $40


Legal Editor Mom said...

I have a similar outfit, also in coral. (Yours looks more pink in the photo) Whenever I wear it I get compliments, so I know you looked fabulous in this!

Milly said...

cute jacket and skirt

andrea said...