Covered in Chocolate

I wasn't always a fan of chocolate/brown, but now I love it! It's so rich and you can do just as much with it as black. I'm covered in chocolate today :)

Let's talk about the shoes. I love, love, love these shoes. How they came about is pretty interesting. As a blogger, you receive all kinds of crazy offers (some are legit and others aren't). I receive an email from a young lady from Solestruck.com back in the Fall that basically said...'You are a fantastic, diligent blogger and as a reward, we would like to give you a free pair of shoes.' Since I'm Skeptical Sally, I ignored it and tucked it away. I wanted to wait to see if my other blogger friends received the same offer. Well low and behold, Kimberly received the same offer took them up on it, AND received her free merchandise. So, I responded to the email immediately after I figured this out :) I wanted something funky, and in a price range that I would never pay, so I chose the Guess Cabanas. Hot, hot, hot! Check out www.Solestruck.com! They have an awesome selection, and their site is extremely easy to navigate.

Ruffle Front Shirt: Body Central - $16.50
Cream Tank: Mossimo - $5
Brown Pinstriped Skirt: New York & Company - $23
Guess Patent Peep-toe Pumps: Guess (via SoleStruck) - $104, but I got them FREE :)

Total Estimated Cost: $44.50


Hillary said...

You look too cute in this outfit! Choco-brown is a fab color. I chose it as the color of my wedding dress.

Legal Editor Mom said...

What a cute, economical outfit, and the chocolate brown looks nice on you. I love the shoes, but I was actually eyeing your jewelry. I love silver! ;-)

Ally said...

You look great in brown and I LOVE THOSE SHOES!

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Thanks guys!

@ LME - I love silver also, gold washes me out! I never talk about my jewelry because I'm so Plain Jane about it. I always wear the same stuff. Boring, huh? This particular day I had on a six bangle set, a Coach bangle and a Tiffany style link bracelet.

Milly said...

I love brown...i can wear it everyday...lol....love the top and the shoes.